Homemade Sausages, Meats, Deli, Catering and So Much More

We welcome you to drop by the shop, or shop online for:

Z Top quality fresh sausages and German specialty foods made in-house daily
Z Large Freezer Packs of Steak, Pork Chops, Sausages, Hamburger and Roasts (Choice of 3 sizes)
Z Catering Services – Assorted Meat and/or Cheese
Z Party Platters (feed 5-50 people)
Z Custom Meat Cutting (cut and wrap)
Z Beef Jerky and Pepperoni Sticks made in-house
Z We support your Fundraiser! Sell Gary’s Sausages

Custom sausage orders are made in-store for freshness!

Bring in your own meat and we will make your fresh custom sausage for you or stop by to shop for our amazing imported cheese and homemade European sausages. Add our sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and butter for a mouth watering dinner your guests will love.

We Cater! Meat and Cheese Party Trays

Give us a call and bring one of Gary’s fabulous meat and/or cheese party trays to your next event. We will customize this per your instructions. We can add sausages and pepperoni sticks as well!

Party TraysPrice
Snack Tray (Feeds 5-8)$40.00 + GST
Small (Feeds 10-15)$60.00 + GST
Medium (Feeds 25-35)$70.00 + GST
Large (Feeds (45-50)$80.00 + GST

Freezer Meat Packs

Freezer Pack$155.00
5lb NY Steaks
5lb Pork Chops
5lb Bratwurst
5lb Hamburger
Freezer Pack$250.00
5lb NY Steaks
5lb Pork Chops
5lb Bratwurst
10lb Hamburger
2-4lb Pork Roasts
2-4lb Beef Roasts
Freezer Pack$195.00
5lb NY Steaks
5lb Pork Chops
5lb Hamburger
5lb Smokies
5lb Baby-Back Ribs

Fundraising Sausage

Sausage TypeStyle & Approx. Weight
Ukrainian Garlic Sausage1 ring/pack approx. weight 1 lb.
Pepperoni (Garlic Sausage size)1 ring/pack approx. weight 1 lb.
Bavarian Smokies6 pc/pack approx. weight 1 lb.
Sausage TypeYour CostSelling PriceYour Profit
Ukrainian Garlic Sausage$6.00$8.00$2.00
Pepperoni (Garlic Sausage size)$6.00$8.00$2.00
Bavarian Smokies$8.00$10.00$2.00

Steps to Order and Pick Up Your Fundraising Sausages

  1. Phone Jurgen to reserve pick-up day
  2. Sell sausage.
  3. Phone Jurgen 7 days before pick-up day with order totals.
  4. Pick-up and pay for order on said pick-up day.
  1. We do not supply order forms, these are created and supplied by your organization.
  2. For pickup day and order totals talk to (250) 376-0832 or email Gary (garysdeli@shaw.ca) directly for confirmation.
  3. This is a very busy time for us; you may need to be flexible for your pickup day because other teams and organizations may have already booked the date you want. Please book your pickup day with us as soon as possible, that way your date will be confirmed.


Thank you,