What Our Happy Customers Say

If you love German sausages and home smoked pastrami and more, then you will love this deli. The Kessler pork chops are smoked to perfection for taking home and are so good steamed with sauerkraut and creamy buttery mashed potatoes. YUM! This deli does not prepare sandwiches as far as I know. But there is always a lineup for their delicious smoked meats.


Absolutely the best DELI in town. Don’t forget to pick up a number from the counter. Staff does their best but people buy copious amounts of food!! It’s just that good. Very busy on Friday & Saturday’s. Great BBQ sausages.

Gary’s is a great place to purchase deli meats, cheeses, and German foods and spices. They also have a bread section and some frozen items as well as sausages of many varieties. Many items are made in store and they also do custom cutting or sausage making of your own meats. You can also purchase freezer packs.
Trip Advisor

If you are looking for a true deli this is the best choice in town. They have the old fashioned take a number which works well. The staff are friendly and well trained. A lot of selection and better priced than Safeway without all the preservatives. Been going here for 8 years and will continue too 🙂
Trip Advisor